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We at Playful Minded believe it is important to offer this help to people in need and / or who need help.


Fortunately, there are plenty of agencies and organizations that do the heavy work, which often depend on donations and similar forms of income.


That is why we donate 10% of the proceeds each month to one of these charities.

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Help A Child helps disadvantaged and vulnerable children in Africa and Asia. Due to the great poverty, combined with the effects of AIDS, hunger, child labor, prostitution or violence, they hardly know how to survive. Help A Child helps by providing education, vocational training, food, clothing, medical care, an eye for psychological, social and spiritual development. They learn to stand on their own two feet in their society, learn a trade, acquire a job and free themselves from their hopeless existence. So that they can help others again. Save a Child has an eye for the development of the entire child and society.

The Save a Child programs include direct support to children and education, vocational training and job placement projects, and enhancing food security; combating child labor, HIV / AIDS, prostitution and school dropout.

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